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Web Site Design

Your website must evoke an immediate positive impulse.

The typical visitor takes less than a second to form an impression―positive or negative―about a website. If that impression is less than great, it can ultimately influence a purchase decision. That’s the halo effect at work, and it’s critical your site has a very positive Halo effect on its visitors.

The goal of good website design and development is to create a site that’s appealing to the eye, fast loading, easy to navigate, interactive, and driven by relevant content. Website design plays an ever greater role in brand messaging, vision and consistency of integration throughout strategic marketing collateral.

The Graphics Station believes that a sound website design is the foundation for everything that comes after―from content to e-commerce. As a leading website design and development firm, we work closely with companies in a diverse range of inductries to ensure that their sites create the right first impression. The Graphics Station provides turnkey implementation, including backend database connectivity, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and hosting, creating a pleasant, interactive experience for users of your website.

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Do you know what country has the most internet users? Here's a hint, it's not North America or Europe.

Answer: Asia has the highest number of internet users at 44%. Europe comes in second with 21.8% while North America comes in a distant 3rd at 11.4%.

Source: internetworldstats.com